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In the history of 1000 years relations between China and the Viet Nam at times, at least twice, mortal enemies.


This is a fascinating idea to consider. And I am pleased to share my analysis with our fellow citizens, because it is the heart of foreign policy Khmer since 1963, date on which Prince Sihanouk, then head of State of Cambodia, decided to reject American aid.

We knew what in the old history; China had always bullied Vietnam, because this small province wanted to assert its independence. Indeed, we take turf wars in the past between China and Vietnam to suit our thesis that these two nations were some deadly enemy times. We take an example, among other historical facts in conflict relations between China and Vietnam, namely in the years 1285-1287, invasion and defeat Chinese Kubilaï Khan before the resistance of the Dai Viet whose hero is Trân Hung Dao.

Kubilaï Khan was not Chinese and we knew that during his reign in China, the foreign sovereign had no political support of the Mandarin Chinese class. These Chinese scholars were to push this barbaric sovereign to make errors in the management of the Affairs of the State, so that it is recognizes the superior of Chinese culture, after each unfortunate decision. This art is called, "the art of taming the winner enemy by the superiority of the culture of China". I recommend China enthusiasts to read the book of Mr. Henry Kissinger, On China. This book is already translated in French. The war mentioned in the example above, it was not the war between China and the Dai Viet, despite the presence of Chinese troops in the conflict; it was the war of Kubilaï Khan, foreign Emperor of China. Of course, we does not refute that there is no other wars that the Chinese Empire was conducting against its Vietnamese neighbor. The most recent was the war on February 15, 1979, after a few weeks of the invasion of the Vietnamese troops in Cambodia which began 7 January 1979.

Talking to the cold war, in which China and Vietnam was in the opposing camps, the support of China to Prince Sihanouk and Pol Pot against the Khmer Republic, aid the Khmer from 1979 to 1989 against the Vietnamese of Cambodia occupation resistance and the choice of Vietnam of today to be the United States ally against China, but well know that in all armed conflicts or political, China was never a firm will to undermine Vietnam, doctrinal and cultural cousin since these two countries have chosen the same Communist regime. For centuries China had always left full freedom to his Vietnamese cousin to expand at the expense of the other States in the region that do not have the culture Chinese, such as Cambodia and the Champa.

China is still a great power. Once a physical power who had a large territory and population, today, an economic power which plays a leading role in the world economy, when it comes to choose between the interests of China and the progress of freedom of men, it has always chosen first its interests, the example of repression in Syria. Between Vietnam and the other, his choice is unequivocal, Vietnam, despite the finding of the disputes between China and Vietnam we just mention them above.

Since 1963, we, Khmer, were an illusion to the protection of China in our country against the territorial ambition of Vietnam and the contamination of communism. This illusion becomes a misfortune for Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Allied China killed 2 million innocent Khmer under the control of the latter. Vietnam occupied Cambodia by a mistaken policy of China, which Pol Pot is adhered without reservation.

Today, many Khmer politicians continue to believe that there is an option to choose between China and Vietnam, because China is enemy of Vietnam. Of course, there is, and there are still conflicts between these two nations of some portions of land, economic interests and security of China with the other powers, but the conflict in Cambodia, the problem is already solved along. We must see reality in the face.

During the war from 1979 to 1989, called the war of resistance against the occupation of Vietnam, to not interfere with China to Vietnam which always has a diplomatic relationship with the latter, Prince Sihanouk was invited by the North Korea, ally China, to reside, as he wants according to his mood in Pyongyang. Of course, Prince always keeps his luxurious residence in Beijing and he could return to live as he wishes. The Prince was never expelled by China in Beijing, but it simply wished to be the residence of Pyongyang a political residence where Prince has any freedom to receive all Khmer and foreign politicians. Pyongyang was the Office of Prince Sihanouk, in the Beijing, it was his principal residence.

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