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Cliquez ici pour lire le texte en français  Le 18 Mars 1970

MARCH 18, 1970


Is a hard date for the Khmer people?


If we seek to know what was the cause of the fire at the House Khmer (Cambodia). It is true that the date of March 18, 1970 is the starting point of it engulfed in flames. In a few days only 2/3 of Cambodia were turned into ash. The landscape green Khmer campaign was tried blood that knowing an unhealthy smell the atmosphere. The sound of Thunder from the sky announces a usual dark during the dry season was replaced by that of the artillery shells of an armed force which is proclaimed loud and clear that it comes free Khmer people of American imperialism.

The authors of the "18 March 1970" were immediately accused of arsonist by the friends of "foreign force without a name": you're the bastards, because you able to disturb the sleep of the heavenly Saint called Tévoda that protects peace in Cambodia since 1863. Even today, the date of 18 March 1970 is often derided by some young Khmer educated, who are born or grew up in countries lush, known as the "West". They are not wrong to ridicule the date of "18 March 1970", as a "shameless defeat", because there is a kernel of truth in their swift judgment: the Khmer, born this date, Republic was immediately disappeared after having laid down their arms. It was impression, after five years of war of resistance that the Republic is born only to suffer the worst of the suffering to the Khmer people.

O woe! How much I have been tired, for several decades, to talk about "March 18, 1970" to friends and people who have an idea in mind: condemn "March 18, 1970", because they like not Lon Nol, In Tam, Sirik Matak, its Thanh, Sosthène Fernandez Gnoc, etc. Whether they are Sihanoukistes fans, or friends of the Khmer Rouge, or Communist Vietnamese, or that they want to simply show their intellectual status. Since 1991, I was wondering to the apology at the date of March 18, 1970, because the debate was impossible in the euphoric political climate of the time. After the departure of the Vietnamese troops of Cambodia, the «Country of the Khmers «dived into the "Holy water" of Preah Prom (God Hindu), called the «national Reconciliation ". But in this atmosphere of national day, organized by the Khmer warring parties, then they are balanced under the banner of the United Nations, the date of 18 March 1970 quickly became the goat-emissary of all Khmer evil: the war, the Vietnamese occupation and especially the abolition of the Khmer Millennium monarchy. On 18 March 1970, given as this angle is probably a bad date for the Khmer nation.

But why should talk about this date that evokes not in its contents, nor glory, nor the joy to the Khmer people? Because in this date, there is a truth that bothers many of the world: A challenge to the Government of Cambodia at the time the occupation of his country by armed forces of the Viet Cong and North Vietnam. The willingness of Cambodia was peaceful: the Khmer Government simply asked the VC\ANV to go to its war elsewhere. But the answer of the latter was belligerent: Hanoi decided to burn the Cambodia to punish the audacity of the Khmer Parliament who dared ask him to leave the territory conquered by the ruse. Vietnam was never leaving Cambodia without consideration.

I'm more an apology at the date of the "March 18, 1970. In the current situation in Cambodia, she defended herself. Today, I have only a single hereditary enemy, the "poverty of the Khmer people". Why is it that I'm Vietnam, the Khmer monarchy and other enemies of the Khmer people? This question is not a resignation, but indignation with those who preached a new revolution of the Khmer people. It would not "spring Khmer." I apologize to my friends who still have the inexhaustible energy to fight to save the Khmer Nation. This is, no doubt, a noble cause that we must never turn it off, but in this fight, I therefore ask me the question, is there is Khmer who are ready to follow that route? Mr. Vandy Kaoun probably has reason to give the title of his book which shows well the mentality of the Khmer leaders since the night of times: "the policy without the Cambodians." I ask me the question, if asked today to the Khmer Krom (Cochin China) and the Khmers living in the ancient Khmer provinces in Thailand, to choose between their connecting Cambodia and their autonomy in the Thailand and Vietnam prosperous, I have a conviction that their choice is the second solution. It is shocking for those who hear me speak, but it is also pure comedy of pretending to be shocked by and indignant of my remarks. I read the book in the language Khmer (which is the Angkar?) of Ms. Kim Thy Ouy, native of Kampuchea Krom, a phrase that fate of his "me", reveals how the Khmer people is disappointed in his own country. Here is the sentence: "Fortunately for the Kampuchea Krom as the colonial France was not attached to the Khmer Administration." Is she is devious in his country? No, she speaks the truth.

Is March 18, 1970 the last uprising of the Khmer people against imperialist Vietnam?


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